Aurora Nostalgia : A season of Aurora Footage

The days are getting darker here in Fairbanks, Alaska and it is that darkness which has turned my thoughts to the Northern Lights. I can recollect the nights I spent out last winter like a hazy dream. However, reviewing old blog entries brings back the sensation and awe of each experience of dancing greens, yellows, reds, and blues of the aurora which highlighted many nights.

The video above is a compilation of my shooting from the 2013 – 2014 season. I am extraordinarily blessed to witness what I did, and watching this video stirs up many emotions (all of them good, of course). I must say the musical back-drop provided by Enya is profound to me. I hope you will find this footage of one of Nature’s Great Marvels as enjoyable and inspiring as I do.

Last winter presented a steep learning curve for viewing and photographing the aurora. However, this season will bring further improvements to my shooting experience by designing a better insulation system for my camera, and obtaining a lens speed booster which increases the f-stop of the lens and increases its field of view. What more could an Aurora photographer want!

For individual aurora photos and videos you can always visit the main Aurora Page or the posts (links below). Although the “aurora season” means long, dark days too, I cannot say that I am not looking forward to it!

Black Spruce Kennel Aurora

Tanana Aurora

Murphy Dome Aurora

Murphy Dome Aurora 2

Ester Dome Aurora

7 thoughts on “Aurora Nostalgia : A season of Aurora Footage”

  1. With the quality of visuals and sounds, this production would/could be an awesome portion of a documentary or movie.
    It had a spiritually moving effect on me. The colors & movements are truly awe inspiring.

    1. Yes. And it’s amazing when producing how the music you choose fuels the mood of the piece. When I see the aurora in real life my heart leaps for joy! But, when you add some music it can pull at the heart strings – all because of a song.

  2. This is so powerful, Ian. I looked up “Aldebaran” and read it is a star in the constellation of Taurus. The term “aldebaran” means “the follower”. That describes the interplay of the aurora and the music perfectly. The colors of the aurora and crescendos of the melody mixed with the ethereal vocals really fill this compilation of video, and your mom, with emotion.

  3. I can’t get over this video. So inspiring. It reminds me of the many nights I’ve had of walking home late at night after a long day of school and stopping dead in my tracks as the aurora dances overhead. Seeing the aurora seems to immediately wash away any trivial stresses that have built up and gives me the perspective of the never-ending natural brilliance that flows from day into night. This video mixed with the Enya was such an excellent combination to provide that connection the endless beauty that is always above, even when not visible from below. Thanks Ian 🙂 Much appreciated

  4. Thanks! Yup, agreed on the ‘washing away’ bit! I know that for me the Aurora is therapy – literally! Just watching it releases stress and brings a lot of joy! Thanks for checking in 🙂

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