A Love Affair with Bats

I have had many great nights out catching bats in the north eastern U.S. It’s a treat to be outside during the night, it’s incredible what you see! Millipedes, spiders, dew drops and all other sorts of night life.

I have worked with a variety of studies which use mist-netting and harp trapping techniques to capture bats. These studies have a variety of goals including marking presence or taking tissue/fur samples for analysis.

Pictured here – in no particular order –  are some of the bats I’ve had the privilege of working with through the years. Species are :

Bats serve a tremendous ecosystem service and should be your friends! If you have a place where bats frequent, think about taking measures like putting up bat houses. Bats eat a lot of mosquitoes – so use that as incentive!

Lately the cave-hibernating species of north america have been decimated by white-nose syndrome. This fungal disease was likely introduced from European caves, and has led to precipitous drops in bat populations; conservatively the Fish and Wildlife service estimates 5,500,000 bats have died (5.5 million!)To read about white-nose syndrome visit for some great information on the national plan to help control the spread of this disease.

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