Custom Frame and Prints : Wildflowers of Denali National Park


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As a visitor to Denali National Park one thing you notice is the colorful wildflowers of the valleys, mountains, and alpine tundra. Each of these images captures the beauty of a vista and the wildflowers. The Narcissus Anemone is placed in front of Mount Denali rising over 20,000 feet. The Cinquefoil was captured at Polychrome Pass and the Alpine Arnica was captured outside of Teklanika River campground. Each of these prints are #1 of a 150 image series and are an incredible way to commemorate your trip to Denali or celebrate the park. The high quality, unique, multi-window, custom built oak frame is just icing on the cake!

Product Highlights:

  • Limited series, high quality prints
  • Custom oak frame
  • Locally matted – know that your purchase is keeping it local!

Product Specifications:

  • 11×14 image of “Narcissus Anemone” printed on Luster paper (view high-quality image)
  • 8×10 image of “Summit Arnica” printed on Luster paper (view high-quality image)
  • 8×10 image of “Polychrome Pass Cinquefoil” printed on Luster Paper (view high-quality image)
  • Signed and dated print
  • 5/8″ White Matting
  • Print #1/150
  • Acrylic Glass
  • “D” rings and wire for easy, level hanging
  • Foam board backing for superior feel

*Note : Although I take care to provide high quality imagery for each sales page, any lighting flaws are  due to conditions beyond my control when the product image was captured. Rest assured, the image product quality is very clean and high!


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