Any photographer needs to be able to recognize a moment, calibrate their gear, and effectively capture the scene in front of them. They should be original, diverse, and expect the best out of themselves. I aspire to be all of those things. I hope the images and videography below highlight my flexibility to capture nature and the human component.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is my true passion, and the reason that I became a photographer in the first place. The art of wildlife photography requires patience, observation, and a ton of time in the field. Of course, none of those things are helpful without a bit of luck too. The three shots featured here are only a microscopic sample of a diverse species of animals, birds, and insects that I photographed. To view a larger selection, please view my professional art gallery made available through Fine Art America.






When documenting the natural world, there are many things that cannot be expressed properly without video. I incorporate a large amount of video production into my work. One of the highlights of that work was a collaboration with Black Spruce Dog Sledding to create the video featured below. If you are interested in collaborating on a project, you can contact me


 The timelapse below assimilates a season of Aurora shooting in Alaska in 2014-2015.


I have done high-resolution marketing imagery for the Etsy website Everlasting Rock. The photos below capture the asthetic feel of the products being sold.




Although not a professional wedding photographer (nor am I aspiring to be one), I have had the privilege and opportunity to photograph the weddings of two friends. The following images are a tiny segment of those shoots.