Lota Lota…Burbota!

Well, I am back on the Burbot trail. Had a great day out yesterday with Ross and Connor. We ended up icing 7 burbot, which was a great pull! The video below is full of disappointment (bare hooks) and elation (my first ‘double’ and ‘single double’). Enjoy! 🙂

Burbot Quesodilla Fixings
Burbot Quesodilla Fixings

Today’s highlighted recipe is Burbot Quesadilla:

  1. Seared Burbot with Cayenne, Cumin, Paprika, Pinch of salt and Chilli Powder
  2. Sweet pepper sauted
  3. Mushrooms sauted
  4. Add those ingredients between two tortillas and cheese
  5. Melt that on your pan, and enjoy with your favorite ‘dilla condiments!

9 thoughts on “Lota Lota…Burbota!”

  1. I would try my hand at Burbot sometime. I did a whopping Moose / Barley Stew Saturday and there is nothing left! Damn, was it good.

    1. 😀 glad you enjoyed it! I need you to do me a favor… I am very curious about cod quesadillas… you should try that and report back! Burbot are closely related to cod… should be pretty good.

  2. OOOO da LOLLY golly what a day, eh? It was so good to hear your voice and see you having a great day with your friends outdoors. What fun:)

  3. Hi Ian, Looks like a fun day and some good eating! We are still in the deep freeze here with ground blizzard warning for today again. I have been waiting for weather suitable for an old lady to venture out and do some grocery shopping but so far my supplies are running low. I really miss the fresh fruits. I made a big batch of Beef vegetable soup yesterday so will share that with the boys. It goes well for lunch. I don’t have Tim to run errands for me now that he has a 9 to 5 job again. Keep the pics and news coming. Takke care, God Bless, Love you, Grammy

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