New Copyright : Need YOUR opinion in the next 24 Hours! :)

Hi Everyone! First off, this post is NOT Spam – even though the title might seem like it. Rather, I’m looking for your opinion in the next 24 hours! Should just take 5 minutes. Sorry for a rather short deadline, but I’d like to use the logo on my upcoming post on my bike tour in Denali NP. A little preview is presented below with this young wolf we were fortunate to encounter!

I’m looking to ‘brand myself’. Not with a red-hot poker (those poor cows), but instead on my imagery. I’ve been designing and consulting with friends and family and have come up with what I think are five great options to present my copyright for the next 3-5 years. The last step is for you to vote for a favorite!

The gallery of five images below are based on contributions from friends and family. Here is the background on the logos:

  1. The bear paw is a design that the lovely and creative Kassie Pesch put together. It represents the wildlife of this blog, as well as my nickname “Griz”. The scrawling font is my actual signature
  2. The feather represents the birds found on this blog – a common theme. The scrawling font is my actual signature.
  3. The IAJ Logo was put together by Dad, the noble Chuck Johnson. I think it’s a swell combination of letters!
  4. The leaf represents the outdoor side of this blog and was designed in Adobe Illustrator.
  5. Perhaps a symbol is too much – do you prefer just the signature and website? If so, vote for this one!

So, make your decision and then vote below! Real-time results should be shown below – although since this my first poll we’ll work through it together!

Thanks Everyone!


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