New Life in the Village

I must say the newest young life in our household is much anticipated. I’ve watched patiently for several days waiting their arrival, and finally, they’re here! I’m not talking about any mammals, rather, some brand new shoot of Cilantro :).

Time to start thinking spring and summer with this timelapse of plant growth! It’s not too soon to start drooling over warm weather. Is it??!

8 thoughts on “New Life in the Village”

  1. It is never too early to drool over the prospect of warmer weather. Now back to the seed catalogues for dreaming!!!

  2. I envision your first wobbly steps as an infant, your arms held open as you teetered and tottered across the living room, accompanied by my favorite music:) The first little leaves, as they open, shout “Tah Dah” as loudly as the grin on your little face was wide. Now, I’ll send you the Mojo Salsa recipe…

  3. Many is the year that every morning in the cabin I would peek at the seedlings planted weeks before hoping for some sign of growth… Congratulations.

  4. Thanks to you I have glimpsed Parts of Alaska.
    Blessing & good fortune in your endeavors with your thesis. It’s a very focused time in your life.

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