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An Ode to Fall

An Ode To Fall

All Beautiful, Colors

Dropping Effortlessly Fluttering, Grounded

Hunting Including Johnson Kin, Legendary

Mornings Nothing-butĀ Olfactory Prestige, Quintessential

Ringed Smoke Trembles, Upward

Vexing Weather, ‘Xtreme

Yellow, Zen

Happy Fall Everyone! The structured poem above is meant to capture the color, smells, transition, and culture of what fall means to me. But it certainly is a season that has many meanings to many people. Fall is already completedĀ in Fairbanks, but here are a variety of fall colors taken from the Fairbanks and Denali regions with guest contributions from my Dad, Chuck Johnson. He was able to capture some wonderful colors when they visited in August!

What does fall mean to you? And has it already come-and-passed where you are? I would love to hear!