The Aurora Gets the Last Laugh

Just a few days ago I was writing to that it would be six months until I went chasing the lights again. Little did I know that one of the best nights of the season was still in store! Last nights aurora swelled overhead in vibrant shades of purple and blue. I was there to capture the action as the sunlight filtered out of the horizon at 10:30 and didn’t leave until nearly 2:30AM! ┬áThe clouds rolled in and out through the night, and are evident in these shots.

Since I thought the Lights were all wrapped up for the summer – I guess they got the last laugh!

6 thoughts on “The Aurora Gets the Last Laugh”

  1. it seems like the AB typically flows around the sky, bouncing back and forth not unlike waves in a bathtub. These photos are almost as though the AB gods were if they were in search of some lost item in the Alaska wilderness. Very distinctive.

    1. Yeah! All depends on how the energy is reacting with the magnetic field and how fast you shoot your exposures. I like having the curtains in there like that!

  2. Spectacular! The last photo could be titled “Purple Mountain Majesty”. Love this set of images. The big dipper appears to be pouring the aurora out in # 34.

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