The Grand Re-Opening

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been hard at it on the website in the last 2 weeks, and I am very, very excited to give you a tour of the results.  I would love to get your feedback on the site. First off, how about the color scheme? Took me awhile to settle on it, and customize it to this point! An untested piece of this site, is to see if all of the email subscriptions were transferred correctly. If you are receiving this via email and could let me know you got it, that would be great!


The days of hosting videos on my website are over. I have created a YouTube Channel ( which will host all new videos, and I’ll implement them into the blog. If you are on YouTube be sure to follow the channel! I am far from transitioning all video content to YouTube, so please bear with me if content is unavailable. The great thing is that YouTube videos are very easy to share, and are much easier for people to find.


In the past I have been very frustrated with how quickly content becomes buried once published. I have established a new page which features all blog posts and can be simply scrolled through. Although it is not the 100% ideal situation (which is unattainable as it involves ESP), I hope you will be able to search for and scroll through old posts much more easily here

Professionally Geared

This little blog of mine has grown up a lot. It was once a bit of data planted on the internet, and has transformed into a sequoia tree of information, images, and videos. Seeing as I’m proud of all the content post,  I have tailored it as a professional website/portfolio. As such you can view a short image portfolio (,  and my scientific background (

Imagery Sales

An absolutely new realm for me and a very exciting part of this upgrade is the opportunity to sell imagery. By establishing an account through Fine Art America, some of the content featured on this site will be available for purchase. My current galleries there contain ~50 images of the >300 I would like to upload. The images exemplify all themes of this blog including wildlife, aurora, and overall natural beauty. Most galleries are updated daily as I take the time to upload the images. At this time all sales will be used to fund the purchase of a Nikon D810 (perhaps the last camera I will ever need to own). The camera comes with capabilities almost second to none, and will further enhance the products I can offer here. The sales side of my website can be found at Let me know if you find the design user friendly!

In line with imagery sales, and in hopes of funding a camera, I am considering creating a calendar of seasonal images throughout Alaska. Although I have not settled on a final product, I would love to hear if you have interest. Mostly it is so I can determine if there is a market – don’t worry – your interest is a 100% non-committal agreement!

Future Content

The amount of time spent to create this new website has left me with no time to create new posts. So, here is a sneak preview! I was very fortunate to engage in Alaska’s personal-use fishery. I will be writing about my experiences at Chitina River.

The personal use fishery at Chitina River allows you to literally scoop them from the raging waters.
The personal use fishery at Chitina River allows you to literally scoop them from the raging waters.

Second, my curiosity about the diversity of mushrooms was gratified to have an awesome mycologist connection. I’m going to take you for a walk through a small section of Alaskan fungal diversity!

A short walk through the woods will yield a diversity of mushroom colors and shapes that will boggle the mind. Lots of mushrooms coming your way soon!
A short walk through the woods will yield a diversity of mushroom colors and shapes that will boggle the mind. Lots of mushrooms coming your way soon!


8 thoughts on “The Grand Re-Opening”

  1. I received you last e-mail! I also said hi to your Dad about a month ago! We’ve been friends since about 1976.

    1. That’s great! Thank’s for your feedback, Cathy! Looking forward to having you along for the ride 🙂

  2. The post came to my email! I wasn’t able to link to your YouTube for some reason through my phone, but I can subscribe if I know what to search for in the app. Thrilled for you and this growing blog…P.S. There is never a “last” camera, just ask my husband. 😉

    1. Others had an issue with the YouTube as well. I’ll have to double check that link. You are probably dead on on the camera, haha! But, at least it will be “awhile” 🙂 Thanks for your continuing support, and feedback!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Peggy. I need to look into the YouTube issue. And thanks for your continuing support, I always look forward to your comments! 🙂

  3. I like the site Ian! Easy to navigate and good content. I do find the bright green in the sidebar and header a bit overpowering, but that is personal preference. I look forward to seeing what appears over the winter!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, David! I’ll do a little blog forecasting and say there will be content from a 5 day bike trip to Denali in early September, and tons of northern lights once the skies get dark. Looking forward to it!

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