Thunderstorm at the Lake

Thunderstorm At The Lake

Stars in the sky, pinpricks of light

Reminders of incomprehensible space

Are veiled by celestial violence close to earth

Huge eruptions of light cloaked by billowing curtains which move to blot the heavens


Onward the storm rolls, smothering the sky

The white flashes incessant and blinding like a welder’s torch

Illuminating the windless landscape in rapid succession

Bouncing light off the still water of the lake into the eyes of the beholding humans


A distant rolling bass  is finally heard

Informing the watchers of impending impact

A warm breeze riffles the water

Circular discs shatter the still water, and one by one the rain drops push the observers inside


4 thoughts on “Thunderstorm at the Lake”

  1. Eloquent words for a raucous evening. With all of the lightning flashes and bolts, it must be Zeus’ face in the clouds I see. Memorable moments captured, once again.

  2. Not sure if the Wizard of Oz, or Staypuffed Marshmallow Man is gonna emerge from those clouds. Eloquent wordage to go with spectacular photography.

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