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I am a current graduate student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks studying through the Resilience and Adaptation Program (RAP) to achieve my M.S. degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation with intended graduation in the spring of 2015. I am an avid outdoors-man who hunts, fishes, backpacks, canoes, goes birding, and kayaks; aside from that I am an amateur photographer who dabbles in guitar playing and fiddling/violin. I grew up in rural Minnesota and lived in Maine for several years before coming to Alaska. My different adventures and pursuits outside bring me up close to a lot of cool stuff, and I enjoy documenting nature and all those other pieces of my life. My primary goal in this blog is to interweave pictures and text to bring you closer to nature.

Observe: The impossible


Observe: The impossibleĀ <<- Click Link

WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEEĀ has been figment of legend for years. Can one truly, honestly train a cat? Well, I’m here to both submit testimony and evidence of its possibility. For evidence, look no further than the short video of thisĀ trainedĀ cat rolling over on command. This oreo cat, named Missy, has been in intense training for the last year or so to learn to roll over. And she’s finally mastered it. Now, fetching newspaper is next!

Les Miserbles Finale

Les Miserable Finale Solo

My time here in Maine, has been music filled! Thank you to Gorham Community Chorus ( and the Portland Community Chorus for great times singing in each of those choirs! My last Maine concert was held last weekend, and I got to sing the final solo to Les Miseables. I felt it was very fitting! The music is beautiful, and if you’ve ever seen the show (either the play, or the movie, which is recommended). You can just imagine each of the scenes as the the music starts. In the final Jean Valjean is dying after completing his life work. Enjoy!




This half pint porcupine was just too funny. I was birding with Robby Lambert and heard a rustlin in the woods. This guy came trundling out and panicked when he saw me. So, he climbed the first thing that he could. An 8 foot pine tree! He got about half-way up before realizing that it was time to switch from “RUN!!” to “BLEND IN!”. I can just imagine this little guy thinking “I Am a Pine Tree… I am a pine treee…. I am a pine treeee”. So cute and so funny!!

In fact. I even wrote a short ballad about him:

Deep in his thoughts
Porky trundled along
As a human next to him
Listened for a bird song

When their eyes quickly met
Neither would or could forget
And one scrambled up a tree
As the other slang his OM-D

But alas! This tree is too short!
Thought Porky, I have no retort!
The human thought differently, this tree is just right!
Now, only if I had a bit better light

So they stood eye to eye
And then it was done
For the porky had transformed into a pine tree
And the human had had his fun